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"there's something in it that is deceivable" summarizes this point precisely. Love is an extremely diverse emotion which is why it was used as the main topic in twelfth night. Continue Reading, the Fools in Twelfth Night Essay 1098 Words 5 Pages, the Fools of Twelfth Night It is not unusual that the fool should be a prominent figure and make an important contribution in forming the confusion and the humor in an Elizabethan drama. Viola is washed ashore on this alien coast and becomes convinced that her beloved brother is dead. Malvolio is Olivias steward and his job is to Continue Reading The Twelfth Night: A Happy Ending? He fools Olivia out of her mourning and Orsino out of his lovesickness-both self-indulgent, sterile behaviors, like Malvolios self-love.

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The sweet beauty that shines through her male disguise is elevated beyond a vulgar joke by Olivias immediate, though circumstantially ridiculous, response to her human appeal. Even though Shakespeare wrote this as a comedy, there was still a mass amount of emotional Continue Reading Twelfth Night and Crossdressing 1429 Words 6 Pages Ignorance The play Twelfth Night encapsulates what it meant to be a man and women throughout the 16th century. Feste, a clown, through his mixed up words and songs enlightens the other characters whilst playing the role of the truth-teller. (Act I,.282 -284). The point of contact between Orsino and Oliviaferrying back and forth between the twois Viola.

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