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Mouse or To a Mountain Daisy; but for the most part he regards nature not sentimentally, like Gray, or religiously, like Wordsworth and Bryant, but in a breezy, companionable way which suggests the. There Goldsmith made himself at home, ordered the servants about, invited his host to share a bottle of wine,-in short, made a great fool of himself. In The Castle of Indolence (1748) Thomsons model is Spenserian, and its wryly developed argumentative essay aggressive driving should be avoided introduction allegory lauds the virtues of industriousness and mercantile achievement. Langhans Published on, Southern Illinois University Notes Reminiscences of Sheffield.E. Swift grouped himself with Pope and Gay in hostility to the Walpole regime and the Hanoverian court, and that preoccupation leaves its mark on this work. The poets youthful escapades in the Irish country, his classical education at Trinity College, Dublin, and his vagabond studies among gypsies and peddlers, his childish attempts at various professions, his wanderings over Europe, his shifts and makeshifts to earn a living in London, his tilts. Reflections of these grotesque superstitions appear in such poems as the Address to the Deil and Tam o Shanter. These were written in a picturesque style and with such a wealth of detail that, though barefaced inventions for the most part, they passed for veracious chronicles.

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essays on the eighteenth century english stage

A poet who wrote less ambitiously but with a special urbanity is Matthew Prior, a diplomat and politician of some distinction, who essayed graver themes in Solomon on the Vanity of the World (1718 a disquisition on the vanity of human knowledge, but who also. Burkes Speeches, selected, in Standard English Classics, Pocket Classics, English Readings. It is largely because of this adherence to rules, this slavery to a fashion of the time, that so much of eighteenth-century verse seems cold and artificial, a thing made to order rather than the natural expression of human feeling. The life of Burns is one to discourage a biographer who does not relish the alternative of either concealing the facts or apologizing for his subject. His unwavering allegiance to good form in all matters appears even in his last remark, See how a Christian can die. Much of the wit of Popes verse derives from its resources of incongruity, disproportion, and antithesis. 85 Stephen Kemble published an address his wife gave at the theatre in 1973 entitled "Burns, the Scottish Bard" in his book Odes, Lyrical Ballads and Poems (1809). His classic tragedy Cato, for example (which met with such amazing success in London that it was taken over to the Continent, where it was acclaimed a masterpiece of regularity and elegance has some good passages, but one who reads the context is apt. Dictionary of Actors Actresses, 16601800)by Philip. It leads first to the tavern, to roistering and dissipation, to entanglements in vulgar love affairs; then swiftly to the loss of a splendid poetic gift, to hopeless debts, to degrading poverty, to an untimely death. It can be used. Dorothea Jordan, his brother John Philip Kemble, Wright Bowden, his sister Sarah Siddons, Elizabeth Billington, Michael Kelly (tenor), Anna Maria Crouch, and Charles Lee Lewes.

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