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may also wish to make some recommendations for practice. For each theme or area, you should discuss how the results help to answer your research question, and whether the results are consistent with your expectations and the literature. For my dissertation about water utility marketing, I interviewed seven people from various organisations. This is because the fact is referenced, its importance to the dissertation is clearly stated, and the analysis offered is grounded in existing academic opinion. The text and figures should be complementary, not repeat the same information. Accessed ; Available from: p?vref1.

Dissertation Analysis How to analyse your dissertation. Make sure that my most memorable holiday essay you including information about the size and direction of any changes, including percentage change if appropriate. It seems that any automated text mining needs a lot of manual cleaning to derive anything meaningful. x) interviewsfile - apply(interviews, 1, function(x) gsub x) interviews - interviews - tm_map(interviews, stripWhitespace) interviews - tm_map(interviews, content_transformer(tolower) interviews - tm_map(interviews, removeWords, stopwords english interviews - tm_map(interviews, removePunctuation) interviews - tm_map(interviews, removeNumbers) interviews - tm_map(interviews, removeWords, c interviewer "interviewee library(wordcloud) ed(1969) wordcloud(interviews, eq 10, max. If they are relevant, you should include them. The occurrence of themes from six interviews. Rqda stores all text in an SQLite database and the package provides a query command to extract data. Rqda provides a facility to assign each code to a code category. This can focus your mind on what the results actually show and help you to sort them in your head. The data consists of the transcripts of six interviews which I manually coded using rqda.