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2017, 15:18. MTU Archives and Library Stacks-3 LD3300.T2007 B471. Historic romantic era opera essay Archaeology - Dissertation Title: "Dig In! MTU Archives LD3300.T2012 B142; Online at 2011,. I am just beginning to list theses available through the Theses Canada Portal and not elsewhere. . Carey, MA Prehistoric Archaeology - Thesis Title: "A Diachronic Study of Land-Use in the Bodie Hills, Mono County, California May 2013. Thesis: The prehistoric use of nephrite on the British Columbia plateau De Paoli, Maria 1999. . Archaeology is a subject that fascinates. Johnathan Pierce, MA - Linguistic Anthropology - Thesis Title: "Dialectics of Linguistic Elicitation December 2011. MTU Archives and Library Stacks-3 LD3300.T1999 B691.

MTU Archives LD3300.R2011 L587; Online. Dissertation:  (Biology The queen root of this clime : ethnoecological investigations of blue camas (Camassia leichtlinii (Baker) Wats.,. Audience: The primary audience is university, research, and special libraries worldwide. Dissertation: A political history of the Nuu-Chah-Nulth people : a case study of the Mowachaht and Muchalaht tribes Martindale, Andrew  1998. . Thesis (Geography) :  Dendroarchaeological and contextual investigations of remote log structures in Jasper, Banff, and Kootenay national parks, Canada (very large PDF breffitt, John Robert. . MTU Archives and Library Stacks-3 LD3300.T2009 D419; Online.

UBC .A. Prehistoric Archaeology - Dissertation Title: "A Comparative Study of Life and Death at Middle Stone Age Open-Air Sites within the Southern African Interior May 2012. Borden and the making.C.

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Thesis: Archaeological investigations at the OConnor Site, Port Hardy, British Columbia. MTU Archives and Library Stacks-3 LD3300.T2000 H418 1999. Thesis: Modelling Nuu-chah-nulth land use : the cultural landscape of Clay"Sound Keighley, Diane 2000. . LaValley, MA Prehistoric Archaeology - Thesis Title: "Late Holocene Toolstone Procurement and Land-Use Strategies in the Black Rock Desert and High Rock Country of Northwest Nevada May 2013. Prehistoric Archaeology - Dissertation Title: "If the Desert Blooms: A Technological Perspective on Paleoindian Ecology in the Great Basin from the Old River essay on cattle farming Bed, Utah August 2011. Thesis: The role of selected fish species in Aleut paleodiet (direct download) Oriente, Damon 2000. Archaeological resource management in Western Canada : a policy science approach Steffen, Martina 2006. .

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