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introduced two new classes, Course and Professor which encapsulate the appropriate behavior needed to implement course objects and professor objects. . For example, based on the zip code it should be paris x dissertation possible to determine whether or not the city and state of an address are valid. . Boston, Little, Brown and., 1996. The exact same thing can be said of the application of common design pattern, such as those defined by the Gang of Four (GoF) in Design Patterns (Gamma. Can the techniques of data normalization be applied to object schemas? . Course now has methods to list the seminars that it is being taught in (needed for scheduling purposes) and to create new seminars because popular courses often need to have additional seminars added at the last moment to meet student demand. .

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The attribute seminars is a collection of seminar information, perhaps implemented as an array of arrays, that is used to track what thesis for electronics engineering student seminars a student is assigned. . The Student class in 0ONF. Because this sort of behavior forms a cohesive whole, and because it is more than likely needed in other places, it makes sense to introduce the class DateRange of Figure. Yes, but this isnt an ideal approach because data normalization only deals data and not behavior. . The advantage of this approach is twofold first of all the zip code functionality is implemented in one place, increasing the cohesiveness of our model. . This happened for a couple of reasons, but a big part of the problem was that class normalization was clearly overshadowed by design patterns at the time. . Seminar was introduced, having both the data and the functionality required to keep track of when and where a seminar is taught, as well as who teaches it and what course. . As before, notice how it has been easy to introduce new functionality to our application. Few principal architects are involved in a project from beginning to end. Same thing can be said of agile software developers.

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