a devoted son anita desai essay

Anita an essay on corruption in easy language Desai was born as Anita Mazumdar on June 24, 1937 in Mussoorie. The vegetable vender was first pleased, when his son touched his feet, after scoring highest in his medical school. There is also great respect shown by Rakesh in the knowledge that his parents hold for his well being and does not marry a foreign girl but wait for hi smother choice and then marries.

Out of respect for his family traditions he bows to his father and touches his feet upon entry to the home. Rakesh also took extreme caution not to let the needs of others diminish his attention toward his father, whom he loved. No, it was unheard of, it was incredible. Occasionally, De Silvas come to Mon Repos for holidaying and Hari and Lila work for them as part-time domestics to earn some extra money.

A devoted son anita desai essay
a devoted son anita desai essay

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The influence of the western society has changed the actions of rakesh because he believes that if he maintains control over his fathers lifestyle and diet he will be able to keep him from dying. Fasting Feasting by Anita Desai Essay.Part 1, Chapters 1 and 2 Summary Anita Desai's novel of intricate family relations plays out in two countries, India and the United States. To some of his neighbors Varmaji gave himself airs as they were envious of his sons achievement. This paper aims at tracing the theme of alienation in the novels. With the deterioration of the fathers health came the deterioration of their relationship.