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point, students would simply jot ideas into a notebook I gave them. Or discovery made by your civilization'!1" points#5th paragraph: escribe the religion of your civilization. The Romans discovered many ideas that we as a civilization, still use today. These would be great optional components for the end-of-year board. Once there are basic buildings, a town center should be from the Jobs that they.

Each culture has its own way of living, people that are more alike, are connected and so different civilizations are created, each one with its own rules and traditions.
Purpose: To create a new civilization using the 5 traits of a civilization.
Create a title sheet with your name (first and last period, and the name of your civilization (this should be stapled to the top of your paragraphs) (2 points) escribe your civilization!
points total) 1 paragraph: ntroduce your.
How to create a civilization.

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The empire did not appear over night. After each social studies unit, students took their new understandings and applied it to their own civilizations. Or inventions your civilization created' (3ou need at least four inventions)! Example: Unit Two, the next unit showed the development of cities and the importance of farming. Students used drawings, diagrams, maps, and text to answer the questions and arranged it all onto a three-panel display board. The government can use this currency to help the people start their lives. Develop a style of poetry that was important to your people Create the calendar system used by your people ( more about calendars here ) Develop the alphabet or other writing system of your civilization Design your flag and explain its symbolism Create a holiday. hat is the name of the language your civilization speas'2! The poor will not how to create a civilization By Justine-Chasing very successful one. I'll send you one or two emails a month to help you better understand and differentiate for gifted students. Also the government will have to issue taxes to the residence of the city so they can have a stable amount of income.

Bagley May, 20 2014 How to create a new civilization In the past, civilizations have been created. Civilization Essay essays Civilization is basically a vital kind of grouping. Without civilizations, the world as we know it would not. Civilizations have different qualities than regular groups of people such as nomads. For example, a civilization develops surpluses of things which helps the.