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great service to folk music by redressing the balance in favour of some relatively obscure variants. Even if at this remove all we can do in respect of some of the issues will be to join in heartily with him and sing along, for someone somewhere will be listening! If some of these are a touch obvious, they make other interesting choices, too. All in all, this well-filled anthology plastic surgery in korea essay (nearly 2 hours of music) does indeed suits me well, and I guess it will suit you well too. When we get home I'm gonna condense it down to a haiku and scrawl it along my veins with a Stanley knife." But set to simple acoustic arrangements that inevitably prompt Nick Drake thoughts with their English leafy almost lullaby folksiness and delivered in that. The disc contains several really strong songs that are characterised by those charming and distinctive, recognisably Stackridge vocals and preserve the band's time-honoured, uniquely English vision: notable among these are Cheese And Ham and the excellent linked pair of the Stanleyesque The Old Country and. Peggy herself moves easily and expertly between banjo, guitar and piano, and brings on harpist Bob Bickerton, mandolinist Nathan Torvik, and her own partner Irene Pyper-Scott for cameo contributions here and there. Neil Ross * K-earth Success Really cool how krth has figured out how to play non-current music and win with it again.

M/societymusic Mike Davies September 2011 Society - Songs From The Brickhouse (own label) A West Sussex trio whose influences cross continents to embrace The Jayhawks, The Band and Ronnie Lane, since coming together six years ago they've build a solid live reputation but, thanks. We love her, and we will miss her, wrote colleague Karen Kirkman. Now comes his much anticipated (at least by the lucky few who've found and succumbed to his forlorn charms) third and highly personal final piece of a loose trilogy based around themes of drink, sex and screwing. It is a testament to the collective god-givenl talents of Bill Powers, Cory Obert, Rob Miller and Shelley Gray that they are able to weave together the sturdy Pardon Me Darlin the warm sentiments of Pretty When She's Sleeping and the spit and sawdust country. from when, as accordionist, pianist and singer, she won the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Award back in 2002. Stivell's father was dedicated Breton musician who, rather than simply mourn the passing of the Breton harp in French music, set about building new ones to the original blueprint and reinstating them in the fabric of the culture. mostly studio recordings interspersed with occasional live cuts. Other intensely poignant moments are scattered sensibly throughout: Coming Home, a telling snapshot of the Afghan war campaign which cleverly incorporates a fragment of the traditional Bonnie Light Horseman (beautifully sung by Miranda Sykes the sparsely-scored genuine-angst-ridden slow-burner No Man's Land (dedicated to the late.

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