essay about illegal drugs in the philippines

a person may be going through. 8 million drug how to end community essay introduction users in the Philippines. The herb was called Ganjika in Sanskrit (one of the Indian languages). The hands of 85-year-old Remy Fernandez, who has looked after seven grandchildren since her son was killed. Last year, Remy Fernandez, then 84, described how she was raising her seven grandchildren after her son, Constantino de Juan, a methamphetamine user, died after masked men burst through his front door and shot him. Addiction and drug abuse are such buzzwords these days that a clarification is needed of what is meant by these terms. Drugs are a very interesting topic to learn about and discuss. The area of Payatas has been plagued by drug use. The city officials have been defeated over and over again; hopeless they still search for new ways to win this ongoing war. Introduction:-, every century faces certain phenomena some of which cause disastrous effects that threaten the societys security and safety.

The PNP reports that it has disciplined police officers found to have committed abuses during these raids, but so far no officer has been convicted for drug war abuses. However, there are many people who are drug addicts that maintain a normal, functional life. Hazels biological father, who lives far from Metro Manila on the island of Samar, does not acknowledge the child as his own. Legal drugs such as Panadol and such are sold everywhere including the markets. Drug addictions can only hinder or restrain us from accomplishing goals or dreams in life. My body convulsed as the drug took its effect. They erroneously view drug misuse and dependence as entirely a social issue and may describe the individuals who take drugs as ethically powerless (Alving, Matyas, Torres, Jalah, Beck, 2014). People would steal from their families and even murder to get the drug.

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