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Studies. As soon as you know your submission date, inform Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (see Step 7). Obtain Copyright Permission, if any portions of your thesis require copyright permission, request it immediately (obtaining permission may take some time). UBC graduate students began submitting their theses online via cIRcle, UBCs digital repository, in fall 2007, a practice that both simplified the submission process and also ensured the availability of this research to a global audience in a timely manner. Please note that the lecture-recital is the last recital to be held in the students program of study. Arrange for Exam Committee, Date Program Refer to University Examiners for up-to-date information. The authors retain copyright ownership and moral rights to their theses. The External Examiner is then selected and approached for availability by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies from list of three candidates submitted (if additional candidates or information is required, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies contacts the Research Supervisor). . Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies with the External Examiner copy of the dissertation, for forwarding to the External Examiner. . Recital times are booked with the assistant to the director in the School of Music main office.

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Banner image by Vincent. A thesis is a substantial piece of scholarly writing that reflects the writers ability to: Critically analyze the relevant literature, use and describe in detail the appropriate methodology for the research undertaken. Prospective or current graduate students who have questions about Theses and Dissertations that are not answered below, or are in need of additional support, are encouraged to contact the office by email ( ). Students must advance to candidacy with the first 36 months of their program. Refer to item 7 above. As soon as you know your submission date, inform.

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