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are constantly in danger of losing (either in the primary or in the general election) and that they are in a position to improve their chances. Do congressmen have any control in getting reelected? 6, credit Claiming edit, to claim credit for something that benefits constituents Position Taking edit Politicians get "reward for taking positions rather than achieving effects" 7 References edit Mckay, David (2009) American Politics and Society, Blackwell Publishing,. In legislation and oversight, unless there are particularistic benefits, members get credit for position-taking, not for passage or implementation.

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Edit, main Argument edit, reelection as the exclusive goal: Others, such as, fenno, detail more than one goal, but reelection must be achieved if any of the other goals are to be achieved. For a review of where research on Congressional elections has gone in the years since Mayhew's book, see. Other Points: the need for money in primary elections (43) 2: Processes and Policies edit, terminology edit, single-Minded Seekers of Reelection edit, congress is made up of single-minded seekers of reelection. This mindset affects how they gather support, interact with interest groups, make policy, virtually everything within Congress and on Capitol Hill. Mayhew does not actually claim that MCs are motivated exclusively by reelection; his goal is only to deduce the behaviors that we would expect if this assumption were true-behaviors, incidentally, which conform closely to reality. In discussing control committees and party leadership, Mayhew drifts away from the focus on the individual and instead talks in terms of "Congress" or "parties." Retrieved from " m/w/Mayhew Congress ".

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