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just one of these little farms, it seems to be floating on a long island of green over a deep brown sea. Whatever the case, relative to my inbox traffic, Ive been getting a huge number of inquiries into my wellbeing, along with gentle encouragement to pick up the quill. You'll re-read a positive one. Since then, Kenny has given me a lot to read about American landscape. And grateful that no one asked me to review the book (and that I didnt know about it in time to pitch a review because I might have been tempted and that would just be soulless work. Why, smarm asks, can't everyone just be nicer? Chillax, dude, the therapist-in-chief should say, its probably not going to happen to you, so turn that frown upside down and get out there and buy some Christmas presents already. To say nothing of disappointed, that the New York Times those hypocritesshould have betrayed the promise of a more civil world.

Its like a compass down there: as you fly over it you can tell exactly what direction youre flying. Its about Facebook, which is something I loathe and fear despite having no experience with it other than signing up, receiving friend requests from people I never wanted to hear from again, and then spending a couple of weeks shutting it down. Forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence impoverished, in squalor, grow up to be a hero and a scholar? Thats the rule with circle-fields out here on the Plainsnot at all what I would have expected. A farm is only a very large garden, after allso large that one can forget the connection. All the other kids seemed to me to know something I did not know.

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The evasion of disputes is a defining tactic of smarm. Smarm says: - Edward Snowden broke the law. These are very typical Indiana farms, right below the flight path from Indianapolis to Denver. And what both educations also have in common is their almost criminal historical naivete, their failure to convey to students (who then to on to become teachers as well as clinicians) the history of their fields, the philosophical and cultural and economic events that gave. She will remember every little thing about that theater, about that stage, about Lins voice, about my jacket being around her shoulders, fh hagenberg thesis about Burrs unplanned little laugh when watching King George dance, about that night. From Yale Law School. Are the goals of the public-relations profession the goals of the world in general? On the Plains the grid was laid down before the land was bought up and farmed, and of course long before circular irrigation was invented. A tsunami of smarm was rolling across the planet: "our freedoms". And thanks for asking.