sir syed ahmed khan essay in urdu

women and children during the fighting. It seemed that in some areas it was becoming increasingly difficult for Muslims and Hindus to live in peaceful co-existence. In return for his loyalty the British offered him an estate with a large income, but he refused the offer. The religious atmosphere of his home put a positive impact on his personality from his childhood. By writing his Essay on the Causes of the Indian Revolt and The Loyal Mohammadens of India he had shown a desire to re-establish good relationships with the British, as he hoped this would lead to greater opportunities for Muslims. Since the days of the Mughal empire their social and economic status had declined sharply. Today the highly respected Aligarh Muslim University in India is a visible monument of his great foresight and outstanding work for Muslims world wide. They needed to accept more British ideas and to take advantage of British education. Sir, syed, ahmed, khan. Political representation -A good example of this was the call by Congress for the introduction of a democratic system of political representation similar to that practiced in Britain. For this reason Sir Syed Ahmed Khan can rightly be called The Father of the Pakistan Movement.

Sir syed ahmed khan essay in urdu
sir syed ahmed khan essay in urdu

Later on he served on important jobs. Even as early as 1843 the British Governor-General had stated: I cannot close my eyes to the belief that the Muslim race is fundamentally hostile. His work gave rise to a new generation of Muslim intellectuals and politicians who composed the Aligarh movement to secure the political future of Muslims of India. In 1864 he was transferred to Aligarh where he played an important part in establishing a new college. Sir Syed believed that the Holy Quran emphasized the need to study and that an understanding of modern scientific beliefs actually helped reveal the full majesty of God. Sir Syed took steps to change Muslim attitudes to receiving British education.

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Linked to the Muslim revival was a greater political awareness. He started his career as a humble judicial official in the English East India Company. Beliefs Sir Syed was extremely unhappy about the position of the Muslims in the subcontinent. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was a great Muslim scholar, leader, and writer. Another example of this was the British Indian Association which Sir Syed established to try to increase co-operation between the two peoples.

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