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from high school, she is a very talented writer, so a caring teacher urges her to apply for college instead. Yes. The film begins by drawing the line between the two different cultures. Although she didnt fully fit that mold, she did exhibit some characteristics of that role. (read more this section contains 451 words (approx. In a way, I exhibited my ethnocentricity to believe that the Garcia men would be more firm in their beliefs because the way Senora Garcia described that women should be submissive to the men. Click here to see the rest of this review. They are considerate of what is important to Ana which is rooted upon the mainstream culture we are familiar with. El barrio neighborhood coser to sew la fabrica factory planchar to iron quejarse to complain sudar to sweat regaar to scold las tijeras scissors el ventilador fan carta personal personal statement embarazarse to get pregnant el ensayo essay alquiler the rent taller opresor sweatshop.

19.95, add to cart, essay 052569, total text length is 8,881 characters (approximately.1 pages). Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2003. His appearances in the film were short, but he maintained that sense of openness towards Anas culture. She imposes on the ideas to Ana that a womans role is to be submissive, conservative, and take care of homely affairs. With Ana getting ready for her last day of school, she was reminded by her ailing mother that women should prepare breakfast for the men.

June 9, 2009. Real Women Have Curves. The play Real Women Have Curves was written by Josefina Lopez, it depicted the hard ships of immigrant female workers and the power and strength of women working together as one. Film Real Women Have Curves stresses how important higher education is to a Mexican-American teenager.

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For example, she criticized the sweatshop conditions that her sister and mother work. Real Women Have Curves is an excellent film that demonstrates the different aspects of culture. She hated working at Estellas factory, but she felt that it was her moral obligation to help her sister to keep her business afloat. Yes, city: - Los Angeles - dirty, grimy (like New York) - dangerous - rude people. Ana is depicted as someone who is caught in between two clashing cultures and must make a choice for herself where she belongs in society.