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The notion of language is used as an abstract description of the language use, and of the abilities of individual speakers and listeners. Class Piano 3 (MVK 2121) 1 credit Prerequisites: MVK 1112 with grade of "C" or higher; Music majors only A continuation of MVK 1112. University Symphony Band (MUN 4133) 1 credit Prerequisite: Audition required The Florida Atlantic University Symphony Band provides member musicians with an environment in which personal artistic growth may occur through the performance of quality the effect of violent videogames on behavior essay music for winds. Detective Fiction (LIT 3344) 3 credits Analysis of short stories and novels from Edgar Allan Poe to modern times; division into classical, hard-boiled and contemporary forms. Spanish Phonetics and Phonology (SPN 6795) 3 credits Prerequisites: Graduate standing or permission of instructor; SPN 3400 and LIN 3010 A graduate introduction to the study of Spanish phonology and dialectology. All of our modules have Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) websites where all crucial materialsreading lists, handouts, discussion boardsare always accessible. Training in phonetic transcription and instrumental analysis of speech. Issues in American Politics (POS 3033) 3 credits This course examines the critical issues facing the American political system and the ability of the system to resolve them. This 50-dimensional space is flattened into a plane using principal components analysis (PCA).

May count toward the 24 credits of coursework required for the MA degree. Southern Literary Renaissance (AML 3263) 3 credits Prose, drama and poetry by 20th-century Southern writers. Themes will include the rise of liberalism, conservatism, nationalism, and socialism, the social and economic impact of the industrial revolution, the "new" imperialism, and developments in the arts and sciences. Honors Thesis (IDH 4970) 1-3 credits Prerequisites: Permission of instructor and admission to the designated Honors Program Thesis hours for students enrolled in the Honors Program.

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Zen and Buddhism (ASH 4603) 3 credits (ASH 4603) 3 credits Course provides a thorough introduction to Buddhism, one of the major religions of the world. The focus is on historical inquiry and the production of clear, effective written prose. Advanced Music Composition for Film (MUC 6615) 3 credits Prerequisite: Permission of instructor Course is designed to teach the basic composing, arranging, and techniques required to score films and television. Presidency (POS 4413) 3 credits Prerequisite or Corequisite: POS 2041 Examination of historical and contemporary role of the presidency, including the presidential selection process and the office's evolution in status, powers, administrative responsibilities, leadership, and decision-making. Telecommunication Industry (RTV 4403) 3 credits (See School of Communication and Multimedia Studies courses, this section) Introduction to the Business of Motion Pictures (GEB 3052) 3 credits (See Motion Pictures courses under Management, College of Business section) Italian Cinema: From Text to Screen (ITT 3520). 17th-Century Literature (ENL 4221) 3 credits Representative writers from Donne through Dryden. Gives participants a general introduction to film and video production, providing historical, technical, conceptual, artistic, aesthetic and theoretical insight into the medium. These numbers place each chunk of text into a point in a 50-dimensional space. Contemporary developments in phenomenology will also be examined. Students write in a variety of technical genres and practice skills valuable in the sciences, including clarity, conciseness and correctness.

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