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"Recognition-Primed Decisions" in William. Daniel Dennett, in Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking Kathryn Schulz: On being wrong - a TED talk (you may need to watch it on if TED videos are blocked) "Most of us will do anything to avoid being wrong. In the deductive reasoning condition subjects determined whether the third sentence was entailed by the first two sentences. Its, in a way, switching the angle of the conversation. How Switching Tasks Maximizes Creative Thinking, by Jarrett, at 99U Top 10 Ways to Create Innovation in the Workplace ( local copy ), downloaded from the 3rd Marine Logistics Group Center of Innovation (CoI), US Air Force Academy "The Department of Homeland Security Science and. Has a good chance of finding the sweet spot between no support (Do what you want as long as I dont know about it) and idea-killing interference. Yet, collectively, a commands overall quality of design, learning, and adaptation is what determines results. Rather, its personnel makeup, focus scope mouthwash essay on operations, and sheer bureaucracy all combine to create and reward leaders who are risk-averse, conformists, and good at maintaining the status quo. Training Metacognitive Skills for Problem Solving ( local copy ), by Geiwitz, ARI Research Note 95-03, Nov 1994 Adaptive Thinking Training For Tactical Leaders ( local copy ), by Lussier and Shadrick,.S. System 2, or slow thinking, allocates attention to the mental activities that demand effort, such as complex computations and conscious, reasoned choices about what to think and what.

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A lot of folks dont have this level of conversation skills, and they generally struggle with making conversation. Andre Breton See also Intuition above See also Predictive Battlespace Awareness (PBA) Individual Situation Awareness ( local copy ), mbt will writing & legal services course module from noaa Situation Awareness Definition (from Mica Endsley, 1988) Level 1 - Perception of the elements in the environment within a volume of space. Ufmcs educates Red Team Leaders, Members, and Practitioners; researches best practices for Red Teaming tactics, techniques, and procedures; and develops a reach-back capability to provide commanders and staffs alternative perspectives. Growing Strategic Leaders for Future Conflict, by Salmoni et al, Parameters, Spring 2010 Schools for Strategy: Teaching Strategy for 21st Century Conflict ( local copy ), by Gray, SSI, Nov 2009 Research, Writing, and the Mind of the Strategist ( local copy ), by Foster. To develop senior officers who possess the requisite worldview, critical and creative thinking must underpin the concept of design.