obesity health risks essay

goes up, the risk of all lifestyle related diseases (such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease) goes down. It is best to eat a diet with variety than to concentrate on individual foods as the key to good health. 3) Heart disease Research published in The BMJ, suggests that consuming chocolate could help lower the risk of developing heart disease by one-third. How do the nutrients compare? The authors concluded: "Regular consumption of chocolate bars containing PS and CF, as part of a low-fat diet, may support cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol and improving blood pressure." 2) Cognitive function Scientists at Harvard Medical School have suggested that drinking two cups of hot. Here are some sample nutrient levels in light and dark chocolate, Nutrient Light (100 g) Dark (100 g) Energy 531 kcal research papers on dogs 556 kcal Protein.51.54 g Carbohydrate 58.49 g Fat.57.4 g Sugars 54.56 g Iron.91. Chocolate might not be all bad. Based on their observations, the authors concluded that higher levels of chocolate consumption could be linked to a lower risk of cardiometabolic disorders. They arent really stones. Copyright 2018, Los Angeles Times.

Why Mayo Clinic School of Medicine? Nutrition One cup of sliced peach, weighing 154 grams (g) contains : 60 calories.4 g of protein.4 g of fat 0 g of cholesterol and sodium.7 g of carbohydrate 13 g of sugar.3 g of fiber 9 milligrams (mg) of calcium. 4) Stroke Canadian scientists, in a study involving 44,489 individuals, found that people who ate one serving of chocolate were 22 percent less likely to experience a stroke than those who did not. Always choose above 70-percent cacao and select your brand wisely so as to keep your cadmium, lead, and sugar low while maximizing the antioxidant and flavonol benefits. Chocolate is made from tropical Theobroma cacao tree seeds. Am I at Risk? You're more likely to get gallstones if: You're obese. Table of contents, peaches are a characteristically fuzzy fruit native to northwest China. Sugar content : The high sugar content of most chocolate can also be a cause of tooth decay.

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