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and aural representations, links to supporting material such as notebooks or collaborative activity" (White, 2007 ). Regional or state-wide, national or international. 2007 ; Pickton and McKnight 2006 ; Watson 2007 ; White 2008 ). Of these respondents, 33 (14.5) had enrolled before 2007 and 194 response essays for graduation (85.5) had enrolled since were thus covered by the mandatory submission policy.

Authors concern over the ability to publish if a pre-print of an article (or a thesis) is already available in an institutional repository is often. This page is for the use of people interested in learning about the evolution of ProQuest s support of its institutional publishing partners and. Part of the grey literature, electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) represent a growing segment of open, available content in institutional repositories. Theses and dissertations are one of the major sources of authentic in-depth.

The interview data were also mapped against criteria from the theoretical framework. Institutional repositories can have very different characteristics, and any one solution may not apply to all institutions. While the majority of codes did not easily fit the assigned criteria, a few key themes and observations emerged through this process. Levels of awareness (as summarised in Figure 2) were highest among respondents from the College of Sciences with.3 (86) indicating that they were aware of the concept of open access. In Seventh International Conference on Grey Literature: Open Access to Grey Resources, Nancy, December 5-6, 2005. Most survey respondents (79.5; 189) chose agree or strongly agree when presented with the following statement: I publish where my supervisors recommend I publish. Table 3: Perceived risks associated with publishing in an institutional repository Peceived risks associated with publishing in an institutional repository Answer options Strongly agree (Yes, this is a risk) Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree (No, this is not a risk) Rating average Response count There. Disciplinary differences appear to extend to the next generation of researchers.

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