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of the child will be affected. No society can ever completely prevent or eliminate crime, practically speaking. Numerous such quarrels, violences and conflicts occur every day between the street corner and Zhopodi gangs. Privacy is vital. Juvenile delinquency essays introduction Developmental Theory is a view that crimi. Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency: Delinquency has always been considered as a social problem over and above the fact that it is a legal problem. They are not able to establish suitable interpersonal relationship and they do not learn anything from experience in a constructive way. British and American Investigations reveal that nearly 50 per cent of the delinquents come from broken homes. Otherwise, they may become susceptible to delinquency. So the child is deprived from parental care and is neglected. (iv) Mental Retardation/Mental Deficiency : Various studies have been conducted to find out the relationship between intelligence and delinquent behaviour to solve the controversy whether delinquency is environmental or genetic.

Juvenile Delinquent Mental Health Problems By Doris McCants My essay on Juvenile Delinquent has opened my eyes.
Meaning of Juvenile Delinquency : Crime committed by children and adolescents under the age of 18 years, is called delinquency.
Delinquency includes all sorts of crimes committed by children.
Starting from the business and use of illegal drugs and homicide murder, it may include.

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The inadequacies of the correctional system are being changed. Gluecks study, thus, brings the fact to light that the nature of job of parents is also an important determinant of delinquency. (viii) Faulty Discipline and Child Rearing Practice : When the parents or one of them use rigid discipline, it increases hostility in the child. Assessment can happen at any level of a youth's movement in the juvenile justice system. In one of the studies conducted by Uday Shankar in India only.3 of the 140 delinquents that he studied came from broken homes (1-34). Mentally retarded children should be specially and cautiously, dealt with parents and teachers. During these 20 years delinquency has further increased. Other Social or Environmental Factors (a school Dissatisfaction: Some students get dissatisfied with school life. Over the past fifteen years, the fad of drug use among kids has steadily been increasing. Disharmony and problems of discipline were found in one third of the delinquents.