argumentative essay factory farming

animals for the benefit of living has been taken to another level; this is called factory farming. On the other hand, some people avow, that factory farming is beneficial and for the common good of the mankind. M, (December 31, 1969). Both points of views will be analysed in this essay before reaching a reasonable conclusion. A recent United Nations report concluded that a global shift toward a vegan diet has become necessary to battle with the effects of climate change. Manure carries with it other substances that are used on industrial farms. Factory farming include holding of large animals in a small area, use of growth enhancers and other hormones, and use huge amounts of antibiotics to fight diseases (Webster 97). In-text: (MNN - Mother Nature Network, 2016). These farming practices employed have raised questions of animal welfare and cruelty issues among the animal welfare advocacy groups and the public.

Subject: Livestock, Factory farming.
University/College: University of Arkansas System.
Type of paper: Essay.
Introduction of Topic: According to Wendy Matthews of farmsanctuary.
Org Factory Farming is destroying our environment, communities, animal welfare, even our own health and driven small.

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argumentative essay factory farming

This was manifested by many documentaries that aired during the early 1990s, that went behind the scenes of such biotechnologically produced poultry and other edibles. Putting animals in close confinement causes animals to develop stress symptoms such as in chickens include biting or pecking one another. Take, an isolated country like New Zealand, for example, for her the export of poultry produced from the poultry farms, is one of her main source of national revenue. Industrial farms confine animals in an unnatural and overcrowded environment, and are subjected to cruel practices. These include antibiotics and artificial growth hormones, which contaminate waterways and affect the plants and animals that live in them (National Risk Management Research Library 2).

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