short essay on privatization of education

whether the industry is in state ownership or private ownership. Lastly, privatization, by generating more resources from student fees, will help to reduce fiscal burden on the Government. As a result of privatization in higher education, the scheduled caste, scheduled tribes and the other backward classes have a limited access to these educational institutions. Education has become more or less a free public service. Schools convince subordinate and subaltern groups (SCs, STs, OBCs, ethnic minorities) of their inferiority, reinforce existing social class inequality and discourage alternative and more democratic visions of society. As a consequence, students are likely to insist on greater efficiency in teaching and improvement in its quality. But modern educational entrepreneurs are not guided by philanthropic motives of the earlier reformers, but intend to invest 4th grade essay writing first paragraph in educational institutions to realise higher rates of return on their investments, because the demand for professional education is very high and the risk involved in this. This can be made applicable to private sector institutions which receive government assistance to cover their deficits. Many less developing countries saw privatisation as a golden one-off opportunity to reduce public sector debt and to set motion a lower tax environment without damaging increases in budget deficits.

Friendships and associations made at private schools may give a crucial career edge compared to those from state schools. Free and compulsory education is expected to be provided by the States for all children up to 14 years of age. Advertisements: Some studies have indicated that private schools have a major influence on academic development and overall character building of children. The price paid for the company is thus a crucial variable. Since privatization should not be treated as synonymous with commercialization, the right to start or stop a course cannot be given to private entrepreneurs due to the very nature of the business in which they have made an investment. The kind of manpower needed today due to the electronics revolution needs much highly skilled and educated manpower and persons trained in professional education. Advertisements: In line with Colemans findings, a research conducted by Barbara Falsey and Barbara Heyns (1984) indicates that students who graduate from private schools are much more likely to enroll in college than public school graduates are. Advertisements: This can be achieved through direct sale of the assets to the private sector.

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short essay on privatization of education

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These schools also provide superior learning environments in terms of school organization, material resources, buildings, furniture, and well-equipped laboratories with modem scientific instruments like essay on boyz n the hood TV, Internet, parks, etc. To calculate the net financial gain to the state, we must compare the PV (Present Value) of the stream of revenue expected from the firm had it remained in state ownership with the proceeds from the sale. If India wants to progress and assert itself as a developed nation, educating the youth is the key to open this door. Fourth, politicians came to the conclusion that the balance of the mixed economy has shifted towards the public sector. On the question of privatization, it would be relevant to consider the forms of privatization: Zero privatization of education with total responsibility to be taken over by the State at all levels. In practice, rate of return considerations are implicit in setting the value. Introduction of private management and control in public enterprises. To persuade the users of the output of educational institutions to contribute towards the funding of educational expenditure. The growth of Satellite TV and the developments in computer technology have further escalated the information revolution. These institutions charge cost plus pricing for the services rendered by them. In the UK following the privatisation of state-owned companies (BT, BG, Water, etc.) regulatory bodies were set up for each industry. Image Courtesy: m, advertisements: The question that arises is that why cannot government provide free higher education?