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are not connected to regular city services and controlled by gangs and drug lord (barrios or favelas) African Urban Model found in sub-Saharan Africa; 3 Central Business districts: European/colonial, informal, traditional Southeast Asia. Open-lot system System of agricultural land distribution in which all villagers worked on one large plot of community farmland to produce a crop to eat. As with all things, our food doesnt magically appear. Heavy manufacturing, outlying business district, residential suburb, industrial suburb.

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Possiblism The theory that the physical may set limits on human actions, but people have the ability to adjust to the physical environment and choose a course of action from many alternatives. Zone of independent workers' homes. Agribusiness, system of food production involving everything from the development of seeds to the marketing and sale of food products at the market. Wood was also in highdemand due to the fact that it was used for heating and cooking. Desertification, loss of habitable land to the expansion of deserts. Milkshed, zone around the city's center in which milk can be produced and shipped to the marketplace without spoiling. Undernutrition Case of not getting enough calories or nutrients. Debt-for-nature swaps, efforts to preserve natural farmland by forgiving international debts owed by developing countries in exchange for those countries protecting natural land resources from human destruction. In relation to the application of von Thunens model and associated assumptions, both past and present: Please answer the following. Zone of better residences. Less well-off residential compose the majority of urban population. Wholesale, light manufacturing, low-class residential, middle-class residential, high-class residential.

AP human, geography 2007 scoring commentary Question 1 Overview.
Topic Outline in which the von, th√ľnen model is cited as a model of agricultural land use.
From the 1826 model.
Sample: 1B Score: 5 This essay received full credit in parts A and B, earning 3 points, and partial credit, or 2 points, in part.
AP Human, geography List of Main Models and Theories.